My first visual memory definitely would be a memory that involves my dad’s mum my grand mother We spent a lot of time with her when we were young children she babysat us she lived in a small village where my dad grow up and the thing I remember the times we were there it was a big private house where had a village functions or where they have annual village fair the first visual memories would be around that house because it had this amazing gardens and I just remember this huge big busses with massive flowers on them and it was always on the summer the skies were blue really blue but I remember this big flowers with glossy leaves not kind of leaves you see on your garden they were massive they were bigger that all my family put together so I really remember these huge bushes these massive flowers but also visually I remember a lot of homemade things so you have homemade cakes, knitted things with people were selling on the fair and that it is one of my first visual memories because I have a lot of memories related to sounds or smells and they are probably earlier than my visual memories I don’t know what it is maybe because they stimulate more the emotions perhaps that the visuals memories from my experience I remember dressed tables and that it is my first visual memories


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