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Memory Script 018: Carolina Vasquez

I think my first memory is from the beach and I don’t know if it’s because I am looking at the beach footage but I think it is on the beach and I remember sweating a lot, we weren’t in the water, we had a little bucket on the sand, not in the sea… bucket on the sand…and I was sitting in the bucket and I was with a lot of people I remember like a lot of I guess family and lot of family friends and I was there with my sister and I think we kept going back to the water because it was really, really hot so we were always sweating a lot and I remember that we were sitting in the bucket and having a barbecue. I was with my mum and my dad, my dad’s friends, Claudine, Alfredo, Jackie, Fernando…en la playa, I think that’s it, it must have been like 19?