Category: Window


Memory Scipt 011: Ali Cocks

My brother who wasnt even a year younger inside my cot, crying next to me,
im looking at the window a seagull comes close swooping past I can see the
sea beyond. My mother enters gives me a toothbrush. At night I look at the
pretty seaside lights swaying in the wind. From the bathroom window I see
plenty of lights that illuminate rooms sometimes I see people in their
houses moving arround climing stairs brushing there teeth like I must. Are
they like me I wonder.



Script 005 – Mathilde Lopez

The sun is shining through the Lounge window; it must be 12 o’clock as the light is so bright it nearly hurts. I stand in that very lit and defined window perimeter in total ecstasy, surrounded by millions of dust particles flowing and dancing in the sunbeams. The golden rain flows in slow motion around me and I somehow know that this torrent of microscopic gold nuggets is a secret treasure, a key plug in, that I must silently download and absorb through my skin.




Script 002 – Forrester Mcleod

I am two years old and am sitting on the shiny wooden floor wearing a soft yellow dress.  My legs are stretched out before me as I watch my unaware father sitting near the open window.  The white shear curtains desperately try to touch him but he is unaware of them as well.  The sunlight has succeeded in wrapping itself around him but all he can see are his big shiny shoes.  He is polishing them with such love, such focus.  The big shiny boat shoes that will faerie him far, far away…